Fuego is crazy!

Fuego came to us after being found behind a dumpster. He was solid black except for a tiny splash of white on his left rear foot.

He was a crazy, semi-feral kitten. Not too intersted in people…but an avid hunter of his little mice toys.

It didn’t take him long to warm up to people…..and he was soon adopted. He went to a home with Andouille and was returned after about 5 months :(.

He is all grown up now and looking for a permanent home.


As you can see I has been AWOL. Alot has happened since August 1st….so I’ll just dive right in!

Tramp was adopted and his name is Buddy now.

Otto is all grown up and in a home of his own.

Chorizo is now Sally and has a little girl to keep her busy.

Boudin is now Hercules and turned out to be a very handsome boy!

Andouille was adopted and returned after about 5 months. She is all grown up and looking for a new home.

There have been many thru our doors in the past 7 months. Keep checking back! I’ll post a new story every day until this blog is current 🙂

Little Tramp

This is Tramp.

He is cute.

He is CRAZY!!

He needs a home ASAP!


Tramp (3)

Tramp (4)

Tramp (2)

I can’t believe I forgot to post that Winnie has been adopted! Yay!

She got an amazing home…….her own little slice of heaven. In fact, the first night she was home she helped herself to the couch, the bed and the swimming pool! 🙂

Her name is Trio now and I know she will have a long and happy life with her new family.


The Sausage kittens are getting SOOOOO big! They were all spayed/neutered and are now ready for new homes!

Sausage Kittens (50)

Sausage Kittens (42)

Sausage Kittens (35)

Unfortunately I lost Pepperoni :(. RIP sweet girl. You will be missed.
Sausage Kittens (32)

Otto is growing up handsome too :). He has the best little personality.

Picture 061k (1)

A Look Back….

Tomorrow we’re going to be having the First Annual FFF Cookout. It meant for all the people who have supported the FFF to get together and have a nice lunch. We’ll hopefully get to see some of our past fosters.

Here’s a look back on some of the different animals Jak and Oliver have helped save throughout the past couple years.

Jak and Marvin Then
jak and marvin

Jak and Marvin Now

Oliver and Marvin

Jak with Ruckus, Remy and Lanie

Jak and Avery

Oliver and Avery

Jak and Rascal

Oliver and Rascal

Jak and JayJay

Oliver and JayJay

Jak and Captain

Jak with RIP Kittens

Jak with Rocket

Jak with Autumn and Ziggy

Jak with Autumn, Ziggy and Rocket

Jak with Hefty
Picture 107

Jak with Rolo, Otto and Juno
Picture 042

Jak and the Sausage Kittens
Picture 324

Jak and Benny
S5030282 [Desktop Resolution]

Oliver and Benny

Jak and Chance
S5031425 [Desktop Resolution]

Oliver and Chance

Jak with Winnie

Keep up the good work, boys!


It’s been a week since I got the Sausage Kittens.

They are definately growing good….and they REALLY know how to use their vocal cords….haha. I have to bathe them at least once a day…and they’re not shy about telling me when they’re hungry…

Boudin then

Picture 322

Boudin today

Picture 027

Pepperoni then

Picture 320

Pepperoni today
Picture 031

Andouille then

Picture 323

Andouille today

Picture 033

Chorizo then

Picture 321

Chorizo today

Picture 028

The Attic Kittens are about 4 weeks old now. Neither of them have the slightest interest in anything but the bottle….I have a feeling weaning is going to be difficult with these two! haha. Otto is the cutest little thing. He’s growing so big and has the cutest little personality. Juno, on the other hand, is still tiny. I don’t know if she’s just not utilizing her nutrients or what. I’m supplimenting with Nutrical…which she really likes. She’s still eating and while not as active as her brother, she still definately has fight in her…

Otto then

Picture 032

Otto today

Picture 040

Juno then
Picture 029

Juno today

Picture 035

Juno next to her brother

Picture 036

I sure hope Juno continues to eat…..