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Tomorrow we’re going to be having the First Annual FFF Cookout. It meant for all the people who have supported the FFF to get together and have a nice lunch. We’ll hopefully get to see some of our past fosters.

Here’s a look back on some of the different animals Jak and Oliver have helped save throughout the past couple years.

Jak and Marvin Then
jak and marvin

Jak and Marvin Now

Oliver and Marvin

Jak with Ruckus, Remy and Lanie

Jak and Avery

Oliver and Avery

Jak and Rascal

Oliver and Rascal

Jak and JayJay

Oliver and JayJay

Jak and Captain

Jak with RIP Kittens

Jak with Rocket

Jak with Autumn and Ziggy

Jak with Autumn, Ziggy and Rocket

Jak with Hefty
Picture 107

Jak with Rolo, Otto and Juno
Picture 042

Jak and the Sausage Kittens
Picture 324

Jak and Benny
S5030282 [Desktop Resolution]

Oliver and Benny

Jak and Chance
S5031425 [Desktop Resolution]

Oliver and Chance

Jak with Winnie

Keep up the good work, boys!


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It’s been a week since I got the Sausage Kittens.

They are definately growing good….and they REALLY know how to use their vocal cords….haha. I have to bathe them at least once a day…and they’re not shy about telling me when they’re hungry…

Boudin then

Picture 322

Boudin today

Picture 027

Pepperoni then

Picture 320

Pepperoni today
Picture 031

Andouille then

Picture 323

Andouille today

Picture 033

Chorizo then

Picture 321

Chorizo today

Picture 028

The Attic Kittens are about 4 weeks old now. Neither of them have the slightest interest in anything but the bottle….I have a feeling weaning is going to be difficult with these two! haha. Otto is the cutest little thing. He’s growing so big and has the cutest little personality. Juno, on the other hand, is still tiny. I don’t know if she’s just not utilizing her nutrients or what. I’m supplimenting with Nutrical…which she really likes. She’s still eating and while not as active as her brother, she still definately has fight in her…

Otto then

Picture 032

Otto today

Picture 040

Juno then
Picture 029

Juno today

Picture 035

Juno next to her brother

Picture 036

I sure hope Juno continues to eat…..

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I really think the little kittens compete to see who can scream louder! I’m not even kidding 🙂

Andouille – scream.
Picture 004

Chorizo – Screeeam.
Picture 010

Boudin – SCREAMM.
Picture 008

Picture 006

I think Pepperoni wins every time :). And she finally opened her eyes…hehe.
Picture 007

And Juno and Otto are the quiet ones. When they’re together you can really see how small Juno is compared to her brother. Juno isn’t really doing that great. She’s not growing and is about half the size of her brother. I’m hoping she’s just a little stunted and will hit a growth spurt here any time now….
Picture 015

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have 4 new bottle babies. They were dumped at another vet clinic and ended up with me. They are about 10 days old and doing great! They are so so so adorable. I named them after types of sausage.

Boudin – a little tabby manx and the only male of the group
Picture 322

Pepperoni – very vocal black and white female
Picture 320I

Andouille – black and white female. Her little tail is so fat!
Picture 323

Chorizo – all black female
Picture 321

And an update from my big litter…

Otto is growing and growing and doing great!
Picture 325

Juno is about half the size of Otto. She has me alittle worried. She had a really bad day yesterday and I thought I was going to lose her. But she’s eating well and active and seems strong now….so hopefully she’s just petite.
Picture 326

I definately have my hands full!!

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RIP Rolo

Rolo didn’t make it. He put up a good fight.

RIP little boy.

Picture 056

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I think he has Cerebral or Cerebellar Hypoplasia, but I really can’t be sure at this point. He was originally doing great…..but he had what I thought was a hypoglycemic episode. He pulled through it just fine, the started having them more frequently. He then began to have constant convulsion.

I took a video of what he was doing last night. (Warning – Hard To Watch).

I was considering euthanizing him this morning. But when morning came he was much better. He is still eating great and eliminating normally. With the advice of some good friends I have supplimented his formula with Karo and electrolytes.

Rolo Today:

This little guy’s going to have a long road ahead of him. We’ll see what time brings. I hope he can have a normal, pain-free, happy life.

Here are some videos of kittens and adult cats with the same disorder. I they survive through kittenhood, the can lead a normal, healthy life…

Gordon: From kitten to adult….

Rocky: 21 years old…..

Tumbles: “Hunting…..”

These give me hope for him……

The other two, Juno and Otto, are doing great! They’re little monsters, in fact.


Picture 036

Picture 069


Picture 033

Picture 054

Jak, of course, is a big fan of the babies 🙂

Picture 042

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I have 3 new bottle babies……

They were found in an attic and mom was evidentally nowhere to be found.

Juno is the smallest of the three….the only little girl

Otto is the most vocal and active of the 2 boys….

Rolo is the quietest of the 3 and his eyes are still closed….

So far they’re all doing great! 🙂

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