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I can’t believe I forgot to post that Winnie has been adopted! Yay!

She got an amazing home…….her own little slice of heaven. In fact, the first night she was home she helped herself to the couch, the bed and the swimming pool! 🙂

Her name is Trio now and I know she will have a long and happy life with her new family.



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Rascal’s Home :)

Rascal went to his new home on Saturday. His new owners were SO excited to take him. The last I heard he was doing great and getting along with everyone.

My friend and I put together a little gift bag for him with toys and treats and his blanket.


“Is that all mine?”


I’m hoping he’s home to stay and he fits right in to their lives.

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Rascal had his pins removed about 10 days ago. We took his sutures out on Tuesday and his potential new owners are coming to take him home and try him out on Friday. Yay. This little guy has had such a long haul. I’m SO glad he’s doing well and has a potential wonderful home…….he deserves it. If you don’t remember Rascal you can CLICK HERE to read his story.


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“Dear Acre View,

I was so happy to recieve your card today. I miss you too! I am doing very well in my new home. I was scared for awhile, but my new family made me feel like I was part of the family and I warmed up quickly.

I have two fun little girls that love me with daily kisses and hugs. They also keep me up to date on the latest doll fashion trends. Sometimes the Mom of the home rescues me when I have had enough of dress up. There is a big fat cat, Domino who is my new BFF! He says he wants to marry me when I get older! We get into trouble almost every night and have to be put in separate rooms as we can get a little loud.

There is also a little old dog named Pearl who thinks that she is the boss, but I learned real quick that she was all bark.

Thank you Acre View friends for helping me find a forever family that loves me. I will never forget your kindness and love you showed me whil I was an orphan. You guys rock!

Love Angie…oops, Daisy”

This letter made me smile :). Angie was the chimney kitty that came in very dehydrated and with head trauma. I’m so glad she’s doing well 🙂


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Poor little Phoebe was found by the doctor’s daughter. She was dirty and stinky and had an upper respiratory infection and ringworm. She was just a little mess.

An adorable little mess 🙂

I brought her home after she was cleared of her contagiousness. But I don’t have any good photos of her with Jak and Oliver because she wouldn’t let them near her. She HATED them! They didn’t really understand why….haha.

Once she was healthy she was adopted rather quickly. She is now in a great home and her new name is Zelda.


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Noah came in after a client found him about to be eaten by their 80lb boxer. Noah was very frightened and very feral. Like with any other feral kitten, we thought Noah would warm up to us and be fine. But day after day he hissed and spit and growled and lunged at us. We decided to give him a month to settled down and get socialized.


During that month we handled him every day. He played wonderfully with the other kittens, but as soon as one of us tried to play with him, he would flatten his ears and hiss and spit and lung. That month passed and Noah made zero progress. The way he acted at the time he was not adoptable. So we gave him another month. As that next month passed, Noah still showed no signs of improvement. When his time was up he was unfortunately slated to be euthanized because of his behavior. There was no way we could adopt him out. Luckily for him, one of my coworkers had fallen in love with him and took him home. Now he’s all grown up and his name is GM.

Although he is still very shy, he has thrived in a home environment. He is indeed a lucky little guy.

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Henry was found in a ditch by one of our clients.
He was so little I could carry him around in my pocket.



Jak and Henry cuddling.

I really don’t have a good story for Henry because he was adopted almost immediately. He has a wonderful home and has turning into a handsome cat.

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