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I can’t believe I forgot to post that Winnie has been adopted! Yay!

She got an amazing home…….her own little slice of heaven. In fact, the first night she was home she helped herself to the couch, the bed and the swimming pool! 🙂

Her name is Trio now and I know she will have a long and happy life with her new family.



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Winnie is 3 weeks post heartworm treatment and she is doing AWESOME!!

I took her and Jak to Petsmart today and they had a great time 🙂



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We treated Winnie for heartworms last week. She was a little sore for a couple days but she handled the treatment wonderfully! She is now on strict cage rest for a few more weeks, the she will be ready for adoption!!



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Winnie is doing wonderfully! All the bruising and swelling around the incision site is gone. When she goes outside she tries to run around and chase squirrels! She’s turning into one happy girl 🙂


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One Day Post Op

and Winnie acts like she never had surgery at all! She’s up and around like nothing ever happened. She’s doing great and seems very comfortable…she only got 2 pain injections today and some Rimadyl and doesn’t act painful at all. Her stump is pretty bruised and is pooling a little fluid (which is to be expected….it bled a BUNCH). But other than that it looks wonderful





Hopefully by next weekend she’ll be healed enough to get out of the kennel for a bit.

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Winnie’s leg amputation when wonderfully! She is currently resting on her fluffy bed with some good pain management on board.

She went into surgery at about 10:30 this morning and we were waking her up around 1:30 this afternoon. Her leg was a mess of scar tissue and none of the vessels were where they were supposed to be…so it turned into a real pain to amputate.

Here are some pics of her being prepped for surgery and waking up (in the still intubated and still drunk phases). Nothing bloody, gorey or graphic….I promise 🙂







Its going to take her awhile to get her bearings. But I promised her as soon as she does I’ll take her to petsmart and buy her a pretty collar and take her to the park to get some sunshine 🙂

In about a month we’ll spay her, then we’ll Immiticide treat her.

The people that brought her in are still really interested in her. They were excited when I called them with an update this afternoon.

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Wonderful Winnie

Late last Wednesday night, we were getting ready to close things down and go home when one of our good clients called. They had found a stray that they thought had been hit by a car and had a broken leg. We first advised them to call the shelter and have them come pick her up. They did, but they live just outside the shelter’s district, so they wouldn’t come get the dog. They brought her to us. I was shocked when I first saw the dog. The leg was definately broken, but it wasn’t a new break. The dog’s leg was broken a long time ago and healed at an angle away from her body. We named her Winnie.

She is the absolute sweetest thing. And she’s absolutely gorgeous! We decided we would make her a Fuzzy Friends Fund project. We couldn’t euthanize her.

Upon furter examination, it was obvious she has had puppies in the past. She is heartworm positive. Her leg is so badly injured that it cannot be saved.

We took radiographs that night as this is what we found.

This is a lateral of her abdomen and her right femur. She is full of buckshot….all the way up into her chest. And she was obviously eating some kind of garbage….her stomach was full of something.

A VD of her hips shows a broken and healed over hip on the right side as well. The positioning is horrible because there is no way to straighten her leg…but you can easily see where the break is.

This mess is her femur.

I don’t know how anyone could do this to such a sweet dog.




She is so beautiful. We dont see many German Wirehair Pointers turn up as strays. Poor Winnie.

She is scheduled to have her leg amputated next Friday. That is my day off, but I will go in on my time to help with her surgery. I just love this dog. The plan is, if everything goes well with the amputation, to next treat her heartworm disease. If that goes well, we will then spay her. She has a long road ahead, but I’m confident that she will do well.

Check back for updates on Winnie. I will definately keep everyone posted on her progress.

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